Growing Pains Equal New Heights

By Jane Atkinson

As you may recall, we have been going through some transition over here at Speaker Launcher and The Wealthy Speaker University.

Going through change in your business in order to kick it up a notch is not always easy.

One of our big transitions is our technology platform which houses our CRM, our shopping cart and our broadcast marketing systems. They are now all under one roof with Infusionsoft.

The more I work with the Infusionsoft platform, the more I see how much power it has to offer. I hope you will follow us through our broadcasts and notice the transition. If you are curious about Infusionsoft, here’s a demo.

Will we make mistakes along the way? Yes, I can guarantee it! And, I hope you will drop us a line if you see something off.

One of the biggest reasons for this transition is that we can now offer our clients DUEL CURRENCY. Our new shopping cart allows both Canadian and US customers the option to pay in their own currency, no exchange rates. Being based in Canada, but having the majority of clients in the US has been a challenge and I’m excited to say we’ve resolved this situation.

There’ll be more to come on the growing pains front. Here are just a couple of tips should you go through change:

  1. Take small bites. I am someone who dives right into change, but I don’t think it’s healthy to change nearly everything you do all at once. Start with your main issue and work on one transition at a time.
  2. Do your homework. We researched the heck out of shopping carts and CRM’s before making the leap. The sales people for all of the companies definitely earned their salaries with all of our questions!
  3. Be clear on your criteria. Knowing what we needed to resolve kept us from veering off track during our decision making process. Have a very clear list of your criteria and stick with it.
  4. Be aware of the moving parts. Typically, once you change one thing in your business, it has a domino effect. Think the entire process through right from the get go. For us this meant from the sale to the shopping cart to the merchant accounts to the autoresponders to the fulfillment house. And that’s just step 1.

Stay tuned as we continue down the road of change! And keep us posted if you see any snags.  In the meantime, check out our newly renovated bookstore page

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

PS: Have you experienced some challenges going through change? Feel free to share with a comment below!