Have you cleared the land for your empire?

By Jane Atkinson

A few months ago, I wrote an eTip about supporting your empire with everything you do… from focus, to developing speeches, writing, products, etc.

When analyzed, it often turns out that our activities are not moving us towards our financial goals.

Here’s that tip again in case you missed it:

But before you build your empire, you’ve got to clear the land.

So what does that mean?

Making space (or room) in your business for your new empire is the key to building something profitable and long term.

It’s impossible to move forward, while hanging on to the past.

– Some of you may need to stop speaking at low fees.  Especially those who work for low paying seminar companies which are calendar eaters.

– Perhaps you’ll need to pick a lane and drop some of the programs that you’ve been doing that don’t serve the empire.  When you create a new business using all of your old materials, you’re really not moving forward.  Let ’em go!

Remember Greg’s story from The Wealthy Speakerv(page 36)?  He narrowed from several trainingvtopics to being an expert on leadership.  His company became much more profitable yet he worked less.  Now that’s building an empire!

– I imagine that many of you have alot of ‘busy’ stuff in your schedule – things that take time but don’t necessarily create revenue. Farm them out or drop them!

– Get over your need to have a calendar that looks full, and start concentrating on high pay off revenue activities.  That might mean increasing your fee if you have been hesitating.

So the question is….

What do you need to let go of to clear the land and make room for your empire?

Take action….

Make a list of all of the activities that eat up your time and then get to work making it shorter!

I hope you will take action today to start clearing the land!

Happy empire building!

PS:  In building my own empire, I have resolved to let go of giving my time away for free.  When I look back last year, my 30 minute sample coaching sessions have eaten up a large chunk of my time.  So I’ve developed a new plan!  Check it out here:


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