How Memorable is Your Speech?

By Jane Atkinson

rememberWhenever people find out that I am a coach for professional speakers, they always want to tell me about a speaker that they experienced.

It’s rare that they remember the speaker’s name.

But frequently they will tell me a story that the speaker told and we’ll be able to piece together the identity of that person.

Often, when we leave a speech, we’re feeling like a rock star and think that they will never forget us!! But the truth of the matter is that by next month or next week, they most likely will have forgotten our name!

What is it that you are doing within your performance that will allow people to remember you?

And more importantly, how will they tell others? (I believe this to be the key to more spin off).

We’ve talked about the “thru-line” before.

It’s typically a short phrase, word or gesture that you use throughout your presentation. You integrate it so well that the audience is saying it back to you by the end of your program.

I remember many moons ago going to a Tony Robbins event – I wanted to see what made this guy tick. He used the term “step up” so effectively in his talk that even now, 10 years later, when I say those words I have a physical response.

You’ve also heard me talk about that famous Joe Calloway speech where Joe used the term “let it go”. Let it go took on a life of it’s own and people still reference it many years later. BTW, if you’ve wondered what all the hub hub about that speech was over, check out the DVD that inclues the full speech and the dissection… Diary of a Killer Keynote.

If you’ve got something that is really working for you in your speech, I hope you’ll share it. Comment below!

Be memorable!