How to Spend Your Time and Money

By Jane Atkinson

I got into the speaking industry as a booking agent for a speaker more than 20 years ago and I feel lucky to be a part of something so important.

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As discussed in The Wealthy Speaker 2.0, there are so many key ingredients to becoming a successful professional speaker including speech, systems, marketing, writing, etc. All these things can be overwhelming no matter what stage of your career you are in.

So how can busy speakers today find out where they should be spending their time and resources?

No matter where you are in your career, you’ll get some clarity around where you should best spend your time and resources by using my Focus list below..

New Speakers (0-3 years):

  • The Speech – make it good!
  • Position in the market as an expert
  • Build marketing materials that represent you (they may not be perfect)
  • Build your social media platform (focussed messaging)
  • Develop relationships with clients — get your name out there
  • Pull people onto your team who might help you get there (part time, virtual)

Seasoned Speakers (4-6 years):

  • The Speech — keep working it!
  • Take your marketing to the next level (now it needs to be good)
  • Reposition/reinvent, if necessary
  • Continue to grow your social media platform and ensure you are converting prospects to clients
  • Build on your reputation (which means moving your fee up the ladder)
  • Product Development — full steam ahead (some people may launch into the business with a book, and that’s great too)
  • Develop systems in your office — you’ll need them now
  • Build the team (staff — part time or full time)
  • Make inroads with speakers’ bureaus (work the business yourself for a few years before doing this)

Seasoned Speakers (7+ years):

  • Re-position if necessary — new products, new markets — stay cutting edge
  • Continue publishing on your topic – will assist in raising fees and growing revenues
  • Narrow your lane even more – are you known for one thing?
  • The Speech — keep it fresh and fun for you — Reinvent it!
  • Marketing and social media — update (don’t get complacent)
  • Continue with long-term relationship building — keep your name out there in fresh ways
  • Stay in touch with your top clients on a regular basis, remember the 80/20 rule
  • Fine tune – by now your office should run like a well oiled machine

By following the timelines above, it should take off some pressure and your need to do everything today.

Where do you see yourself in the above timeline? We’d love to hear your experiences, please leave your comments below.

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