How Vibrant is Your Marketing Language

By Jane Atkinson

I believe that one of the most difficult things
for speakers to do is come up with fresh marketing

And using words in your speech titles or promise
statements* that bureaus, audiences or decision
makers might have seen 5 or 10 years ago can
lose you business…. quickly!

Think about it. A meeting planner is reviewing 5
speakers for an upcoming event. Let’s say they
begin by looking at each speaker’s website. One
website is fresh and cutting edge, while the other
4 look boring or outdated and are using speech
titles that include words like ‘believe and you
can achieve’.

Now don’t get me wrong, Napoleon Hill was onto
something big with the believe/achieve concept….
but the language has been used since 1960! I
believe Mr. Hill would be cool with us moving on!

There is new, fresh, vibrant language out there,
you just have to dig for it. Here are some steps
for freshening up your marketing:

Go through all of your marketing materials and ask
the questions

1. Has this language been used before?

2. Does it show the flavor of my personality and
how I am unique?

3. Does this language have spark and spirit? Does
it vibrate off the page?

4. Does my marketing compete with the speakers on
the market today? Do I know who the hottest
speaker in my category is?

5. Does this language make the client jump up and
say ‘Yes! We need that!!’

If you’re blocked and want to ratchet up your
creativity, take a look at some of the bestselling
books for their titles and subtitles. Seth
Godin’s ‘Purple Cow: How to Transform Your
Business By Being Remarkable’ or ‘Blue Ocean
Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space
and Make the Competition Irrelevant’ are just a

Don’t wait to make your marketing vibrant – your
business depends on it.

Happy Marketing,

Jane Atkinson
Speaker Launcher

* PS: Want to know more about what’s hot in
marketing and promise statements? Check out The
Wealthy Speaker book, workbook and audio.
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