How Will You Rev up Your Fall Calendar?

By Jane Atkinson

It’s almost half way through the year, and the
summer is a great time to reflect and prepare for
the fall.

We want to take some time off to regenerate, but
we also want to use the time to tweak the business
and ensure we are on track to reach our goals for
the year.

Here are a few ideas to help you move into the
summer and from here we’ll build a ‘Summer Action


Have you assessed whether or not your marketing
materials are working? The best way to know for
sure is if prospects see them and book you because
of them. Here are some items to consider:

Is your website working? Is it getting hits and
closing business?

Are your print materials working? Are they
focused and effectively showing why you are

Is your video closing the deal? If not, it’s back
to the drawing board.

Choose 2 things from the marketing section and add
them to your Summer Action List.


If you have read ‘The Wealthy Speaker’, you know
that in my opinion, your speech is your #1 form of
marketing. So here are some things to consider
over the summer.

Is your speech getting you 2-3 spin off nearly
every time?

Are there areas in your speech that need work
like humor, storytelling, cutting edge content,

Is your speech good, but your topic lacks focus?
ie: you’re all over the place.

Have you signed up for a program, workshop, or
enlisted the help of someone to work on your

Choose 2 things relating to your speech to work on
and add them to your Summer Action List.


Who have you been putting off making contact with?

Are there past clients that you haven’t done a
great job at staying connected with?

Are you ready to talk to speaker’s bureaus?

Have you been doing a good enough job of cold
calling or making sure that your pipeline is
consistently full?

Is there a supplier, or mentor, or colleague that
you need to talk to?

Building relationships is one of the most
important parts of our business. Choose 2
items to place onto your Summer Action List.


Now you should have at least 6 things to work on
this summer. Overwhelming yourself with 101
things to do during the holidays is unrealistic.
Take a couple of weeks to unwind, then start
plugging away at your Summer Action List.

You will be certain to feel satisfied at the end
of the summer and more importantly, to rev up your
fall speaking calendar!

Happy booking!

Jane Atkinson
Speaker Launcher