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Increasing Your Virtual Earnings X 4 with Chris West

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Quote:  “The key is…you really have to take what you do on stage and build it into steps.”  Chris West

We’ve taken a short summer hiatus from recording The Wealthy Speaker podcast and are thrilled to be back.  For my first session back, I wanted to talk about how to increase your virtual earnings as many of you are only working virtually at this time.  I was so happy that my good friend Chris West agreed to come back and talk about how he and some of his clients are using a really simple formula to increase their virtual earnings.

Chris is the owner and founder of Video Narrative, a production company that specializes in growing speaking businesses through brand clarity, speaker demo reels, and website design.

The origin of Chris’ narrative work came in a neurobiology class, where he first learned the power of story for organizing information in the mind.  Completing this research, he resolved never to create another video without telling an authentic story…a commitment that led to years of research on the way we connect, learn, and grow through stories.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • What’s your transformation process?  [2:35]
  • Ideas to create your change model.  [7:00]
  • Dust off the formula that’s been sitting on the shelf.  [13:30]
  • A great process can apply to your whole business.  [20:00]
  • Discuss the process and outcomes.  [25:00]
  • Getting to the decision maker.  [29:00]
  • Come from a place of serving.  [33:00]
  • Present their process to success.  [36:45]

Today Chris works alongside thought leaders to increase their message, clarity, and impact through powerful narratives.  When not creating videos, Chris is out backpacking with his wife and daughter, and serves as the volunteer director of the Bukesa Children’s Home in Uganda, Africa.

If you would like some great ideas to create your own formula that could lead to 3-4 times more virtual business, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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