Is $1M Per Year Possible Anymore?

By Jane Atkinson

What exactly is a successful Wealthy Speaker?

Success is subjective. One speaker’s successful year might not appeal to another speaker at all. So it’s up to you to decide what success looks like for you. You might only want to speak once a month at a fee of $15,000 or you might want to speak ten times per month at $1,500. If you are anything like me, you may crave passive revenue streams. Every speaker has his or her own set of goals and no one can dictate your definition of “wealthy” but you.

Will you have to work hard to get to a $15,000 fee? You bet you will, but it’s not impossible.

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According to statistics of NSA (National Speakers Association), our industry continues to have a lot of newcomers and, when bunched in with the seasoned speakers, the average earnings are around $125,000 for speaking and $132,000 for product sales.

Our industry now has a very small percentage (1%, down from 3%) of speakers who are earning over $1 million per year in total revenues. And those are the speakers we’re talking about when we use the term “Wealthy Speaker.” Our goal is not to aim for average!

You’ll probably look at these numbers and think they are unattainable, but let me reassure you that every speaker, no matter how successful, started with zero engagements on his or her calendar at one point in time. Allow yourself to dream, to shoot for just a little more than you think is possible. Stretch!

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What has been some of your biggest challenges for getting booked more often and for higher fees?  Please comment below and share!

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