Is HTML Really Better? You tell me.

By Jane Atkinson

Is HTML Really Better?

You tell me!

For many years, I’ve watched really great looking newsletters land in my mailbox and wondered if they were getting a better response than my boring old text e-mails were getting.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been thrilled with the responses that I get, I just always wondered if I could be doing better.

And so, I take the plunge. Your feedback is welcomed via comments – below. 

Newsletters. What’s the Point Anyway?

I recently wrote an Addendum to The Wealthy Speaker (any of you who purchased the book from me will be offered a PDF) and realized how different doing business is today vs. 5 years ago.

Today our goal is to
bring our prospects into our fan base and keep them there
long enough to impress them.

A corporate decision maker, for instance, might have heard of you from a colleague. They go to your website and sign up for your Special Report (which you have named in such a way that will lure them in).

They have now become a part of your “fan” base.

And your goal is to trickle content out towards them in your newsletters (HTML or text), blog, and Social Media updates until when?

Until they buy from you.

The changes over the past several years have been rampant. But it makes me wonder…..
what’s coming towards us next?

Where do you think we’re headed? I’d love your comments below…..

See you soon Wealthy

Jane Atkinson
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