Is This Your Year to Write?

By Jane Atkinson

writeI remember one of my speaker buddies telling
me that he was no longer a speaker, he was a
writer.  I thought, ‘cool’.

Most speakers have to write continuously in
order to keep their material fresh.  But then
there are many who write articles and books
in order to continue to advance their

Here are a few questions that will help you
move forward with writing – if that is
something that you’ve been wanting to do:

If there has been something holding you back
from writing, how will you move past it?

For most of us, fear that we will suck at it
is probably the reason we don’t take action.
That, and finding the time. But I have found
that the more you write, the better you
become and it’s easier to make time for the
things you enjoy.

Scheduling time in your planner to write is
the best first step you can take.  I
typically alot 2-3 hours per writing session
– after that my brain is fried.

What is one way that you can begin writing on
a smaller scale?

For instance putting out tips, ezines or blog
entries can help condition you for tackling a
bigger project like a book.

Where will you write?

You might think that writing in your office
is a good way to go, but the experts say that
you should find another place all together.
Somewhere that you won’t have household
chores, e-mail or phones to distract you.
Many of you write well on airplanes.  My
preference is a Starbucks that is located in
a bookstore – that way I’m surrounded by
books.  I put on my headphones, crank up
Alisha Keys, and move into my own funky world
of writing.

Who will be your editor?

Behind every great writer is a great editor.
They edit, organize flow, hold you
accountable and push you to write better.
They see things that you don’t.  Find someone
who knows what they are doing and be open.
Being too attached to your material can stunt
the process.

What will your ‘finish’ date for your project

Setting a goal is the first and most
important step.  People with no end dates in
mind can work and re-work books for much
longer than necessary, sometimes years!  Set
that date!

That’s just a few ideas to get you started,
we’ll also talk about writing during our
next teleclass in March (stay tuned for a

Happy Writing!

ps:  My adventure in writing has taken me
down an entirely new path.  Although I will
continue to coach speakers, I have nearly
completed my next book which is a total
departure.  It’s called ’99 Frogs:  A Three
Step Process to Finding Your Perfect Mate’.
I would love to have you share a story for
this book.  For details go