Is your promise clear, concise and cha-ching??

By Jane Atkinson

I first heard the term ‘big promise’ from
copywriting expert Bob Bly. Bob was talking about
writing headlines on your websites and that the
promise better be front and center… and super

Makes sense, right?

Well in the business of speaking, our marketing
requires a promise. And the promise should speak
to what outcome or solution that you are providing
the client.

You’d be surprised at how many websites don’t
offer a clear promise.  Does yours??

In a tight economy, you need to have a clear
promise and it better be something desireable for
your prospects.  Something that makes them want to
buy from you – something cha-ching!

Now, let me be clear.  A promise about the outcome
of a meeting or event (ie:  make your meeting more
memorable with John Doe speaker) is not what I’m
talking about.  That is a ‘speaker’ promise.  I’m
talking about an ‘expert’ promise.  That should be
more focused on what service/solution your company
provides.  (An exception to this might be a
comedian or entertainer).

Here are a few examples of promise statements:

– Creating High Energy, Low Stress Workplaces
– Innovation as a Competitive Advantage
– Empowering People to Be Successful and
– Conquer Today’s Challenges, Take Control Now

(Obviously, you’ll want to create your own promise
and not borrow from any of these).

That last one is the promise from Tony Robbins
website so it’s more directed towards the
individual rather than a company.  That might be
more applicable to some of you.

Here’s a quick check list to rate your promise:

Is your promise clear?

Is your promise front and center (ie:  in your
banner or top navigation bar)?

Does your promise show an outcome for your
prospects?  What will change for them?

Is your promise compelling?

Is your promise short and sweet (ie:  less than 7

Would your promise make your prospects say ‘yes,
we need that!’

Your promise may not need to be cutsie, or clever
in order to work.  If your promise creates
business (cha-ching) then you are doing a good

Happy marketing!

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