Is your website getting you booked?

By Jane Atkinson

Recently I was working with a
speaker whose website was about 6
years old. It had evolved and
changed over the years and had a
ton of information and many
options for the visitor.

But even though he was getting
huge amounts of traffic, the
website wasn’t working. He wasn’t
getting booked for speeches or
selling product.

Why? His buyers were getting
confused. There were too many
options and as I once heard it said
‘a confused buyer never buys’.

Many of us have arrived at this
same place, myself included.
My old site wasn’t as streamlined
as I wanted so I started from
scratch and it seems to be working.

Is your site working the way you
want it to? Is it getting you booked?

If not, you might be confusing your
buyers and you should map out the
exact process and outcomes that you

Here are 3 quick checks for your

1. Is it focused? Can your buyers
tell within 15 seconds what it is
you do? If you list more than 3
topics, I suspect they are confused.

2. Your ‘promise’ should be clear
letting your buyers know the value
and outcomes right up front.

3. Are you positioning as an
expert or a speaker? Remember
Brian Palmer’s quote from my book
‘The Wealthy Speaker’ he said
‘clients no longer want to hire
speakers, they want to hire smart
people who happen to speak’,

4. There should be a call to
action – what steps do you want
them to take?

As technology becomes more complex,
every once in a while, we need to
stop and regroup to ensure that
we’re not confusing our customers.

Happy booking!

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