It’s Crazy Simple, But it Works

By Jane Atkinson

Sometimes we get so caught up in business
plans and websites and videos and blogs and
newsletters that we forget to do one of the
most basic marketing maneuvers.

Pick up the phone!!

Mark LeBlanc, the President of the National
Speakers Association spoke in Toronto
recently about the importance of consistency
of our outbound client calls.

Mark talked about calling just 1 prospect every
day.  Now, you may want to set your goal a
little higher.  That’s cool.  But if you pick
up that phone at LEAST one time every day,
things will happen.

It is crazy simple.

Ask yourself a couple of questions just to
see how you are doing:

1.  How many times in the past 7 days did I
pick up the phone (outbound) regarding new

2.  When I spoke with my prospects, was I
clear about how I could help them?  (This
goes back to picking your lane, if you are
not clear, then your calls will be
ineffective).  See Chapter 3 in ‘The Wealthy
Speaker’ if you need help with this.

3.  How many of my calls were effective?  Do
I need to work on my approach, or my target

4.  If I didn’t make any calls, why not?
If you are busy speaking, that might be a
great reason, but consider whether or not
you are keeping your pipeline full for
future business.

Sometimes we need a little nudge to ensure
that we’re doing the basics consistently.  I
know this one is not rocket science so all of
you will be picking up that phone – at least
once – tomorrow… won’t you?

Happy dialing!!!

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