Get Booked Solid With High-Paying Speaking Gigs

A success planner and book designed specifically for action takers.


The Only Thing Standing Between You & Superstardom is YOU 

Look, you're busy. We get it.

You already know ALL the things you’re supposed to be doing to fill your calendar with hot-ticket events - filling the pipeline,, making outbound sales calls - staying on top of leads - so why aren’t you doing it?  

If you want to earn top dollar higher fees, book the best events and set your speaking business up to scale, you can’t afford to waste time on the wrong things.  

… like getting sucked into non-client activities on social media.  

… or wasting time on low payoff items on your “to do” list .  

… or spending hours sorting thru your priorities because you lack clarity and focus on what to do to move the needle.  

What you need isn’t another program, course or qualification. It’s a step-by-step system for turning knowledge into action.  

No more overwhelm. No more wasting time puttering on social media when you could be talking with actual decision makers and putting money in the bank.  

It’s time to get out of your own way and use the next 6 months to make it happen.  

Here’s what’s included in the Wealthy Speaker Book Bundle

Wealthy Speaker 2.0 The Bible of Speaking Success  

After reading this book, you’ll be able to navigate the minefield of costly marketing mistakes that many speakers make when trying to build a successful business.  

You’ll know how to:

  • Position yourself in the market as an expert
  • Use language that gets you noticed by decision makers
  • Design a website that sells and doesn’t send visitors straight to your competitors
  • Put together an easy-to-follow social media strategy
  • Increase your fees quickly by doing the right things consistently
  • Train agents, assistants or marketing staff to scale to the next level
  • Follow Jane's proven success formula for getting Ready, taking Aim, and Firing out to your target market.
  • Cut through some of the industry noise and get a clear picture of what actions steps will provide the biggest payoff.  

Daily Journal & Success Planner For Acion-Takers Only  

You’ve got all the knowledge, now it’s time to make it happen! Fast-track your speaker success with a 6 month planner that holds you accountable to yourself, and keeps you doing ONLY the actions that will move the needle.  

  • Map out your vision for your perfect future in your 6 or 7 figure speaking business
  • Identify your priorities so that you can focus on them and only them
  • Design your 30-day action strategies with a journal that holds you accountable
  • Create your weekly strategy in the Ready, Aim, Fire modes (you’ll learn this in The Wealthy Speaker 2.0)
  • Keep track of your marketing initiatives each week 
  • Set your intention, build your confidence, write out your gratitude and to-do’s, every day
  • Learn powerful habits that will help you build (and keep momentum)
  • Ward off dry spells, or low points because your system has made you unstoppable!!  


Master the Art of Consistent Action, You WILL Be a Wealthy Speaker 

A success planner and book designed specifically for action takers.

I’ve helped thousands of speakers go from speaking for peanuts and sleeping in grubby Econo Lodge motels to booking 5-figure speaking gigs and travelling business class.  

It takes SO MUCH MORE than talent. (I already know you can rock the room). It takes daily consistent action. 

It takes knowing what actions will result in actual gigs, and what actions are a waste of time.  

It takes an organized action plan that you stick to daily. It takes having that 10,000 ft view of your business, but showing up on the ground level and doing what needs to get done.  

Minus the overwhelm.  

When you sign up in the next 48 hours, you’ll also get…

BONUS 1 SHIFTING MINDSETS: Meditate Your Way to Wealthy An Audio Download for Daily Listening

  • A positive daily ritual to set you on the path for wealth
  • An easy 15 minute meditation that will power up your money mindset
  • A quick habit that may help you work through road blocks to wealth and success

BONUS 2 DAILY SUCCESS HABITS: A 3-Part Video Training Master the Success Habits of Wealthy Speakers

  • Video 1. Success Habits of Wealthy Speakers - What 7 figure speakers are doing each and every day to forward their businesses
  • Video 2. Avoiding the Dips - Create a sure fire method for cruising over rough patches without blinking an eye
  • Video 3. Daily Routines that Build Momentum - When you own your morning, you own your day! Start here and see yourself thrive!  

Hurry... bonuses expire in:


“It’s the small actions we take every day – our habits – that power our success in business and life. This journal is an incredible way to intentionally create your day, and set you up for success!”


“Journaling has been an important part of my morning routine. The time to pause, reflect in gratitude and become intentional about my day helps me start the right way. Win the morning, win the day! I do it because it works.”


“Jane's Ready, Aim, Fire has allowed me to successfully launch and grow without the wasted time, missteps and frustration that goes along with execution without the proper foundation."


“I read your book The Epic Keynote today and it is TOTALLY BRILLIANT! Yes I am shouting from my little stilettos! You have created such a valuable must read for every speaker – thank you for sharing your brilliance.”

Neen James -Author "Be AH-Mazing"