KICK OFF QUIZ ’09: What’s your Determination Factor??

By Jane Atkinson

finance2009 is shaping up to be a year that could be challenging for some and prosperous for others.

With the news networks spouting economic doom every day, there’s no question that decision makers may choose to old on more tightly to their money. That doesn’t mean they won’t ever spend. Perhaps it means smaller budgets and tighter timelines.  And as always during tough times, return on investment will be top of mind.

Your determination to make your business thrive in 2009 means doing all the right things. Do you have the right stuff?

Let’s rate your determination factor.  Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following:

1.  Do you have an unwavering level of commitment to your subject matter and expertise?

If you consider switching lanes after every client phone call because they needed something different than you offer, then you’ll answer ‘no’ to this question.  If you try to be the solution for every client, your determination factor will suffer.

2.  Are you 100% confident about your level of platform talent?

If you have some down time, you might consider using it to ‘sharpen the saw’ and/or develop new material.  The best way to combat a struggling economy is to be great on the platform. I know many speakers who are NOT seeing their
calendars change despite a rough economy.


Cause they’re good!

3.  During client conversations, are you able to close the deal most of the time?

If not, then you may not be clear on the value you bring to the table and it’s coming across to the client.  A great way to determine your value is to check back with past clients.  Ask them what changed as a result of working with you.  And have your benefits list in front of you while talking on the phone.

4.  When you get into your office each morning, do you ask yourself ‘what am I going to do to move my business forward today?’

If you find yourself reaching 2pm and you’re still wandering aimlessly through e-mails or surfing the web, then your daily determination is low. Getting and staying focused each day is the key to competing and winning business.

5.  Is your database or system working to help you get and follow up leads?

If you answer ‘yes’ to this then congratulations. Finding and following up leads is the key to building your calendar.  Sitting and waiting for the phone to ring doesn’t cut it in a tough economy.  You might as well go out and get a ‘real’ job if you are not taking determined action every day to make that phone ring.

6.  Is your website working to convert visitors into buyers?

Again, if you have spare time on your hands, now is the time to get your website – your first line of marketing offense – working.  Making sure that your website clearly defines the problem that you help to solve is key.  If you’re website says ‘hire me, I’m a speaker’ you need to go back to the drawing board with new determination!

7.  Are you driving people to your website? Part of your monthly ‘to do’ list should be writing articles, posting blogs, sending out marketing mailings, etc., in order to put people on your home page.  You might also learn the ropes of search engine optimization.  A determined person would never leave it to chance.

8.  If keynotes and training are down for you this year, have you developed other products that can help your bottom line?

If the answer is ‘no’ now may be the time to consider additional forms of revenue.  Making money while you sleep is one of the sweetest feelings in the world and you may be providing your content in ways that are more affordable for
your clients.


This quiz was really designed to give you a kick in the butt.  But if you answered ‘no’ to more than 3 questions you’ve got work to do.

If you answered ‘no’ to more than 6, then you are going to have a difficult year.  You might consider seeking contract work, or working for a training organization until the storm has passed.

If you answered yes to the majority, then congratulations.  I believe your determination will see you through and you’ll look back on this year as one of growth and prosperity.

Have a prosperous and productive 2009!

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