Are you Leaving Money on the Table?

By Jane Atkinson

Each time you go out to a speaking engagement, there is an opportunity to add on to the bill.

Books: First, I want to encourage you to consider, if you haven’t already done it, writing a book.  A book is the best way to add to the bottom line of each sale.  (On top of all of the other reasons, including credibility).

Your goal is to put a book into the hand of every person in the audience.

You would pre-sell these books after confirming the engagement.  If the clients don’t opt in right at the time of the booking, then send a book with details about quantity pricing with every speaking agreement.

Let’s do the math on this.   Say you are speaking on average 8 times per month. Your audiences average 200 people.

That’s 1,600 people per month.  If you were to sell 20% of the audience just one $20 book that’s $6,400!!

If you pre-sold books to 50% of the audiences, that’s roughly $13,600.

Cool right?  And if you believe in your books, you are happy to leave them behind with every audience.

5 Ways to Create More Income for Your Business

What else can we do to “up” our income?

  1. Additional training sessions (while I’m here, what else can I do for you?)
  2. Piggyback in cities (find other clients in each city where you are booked)
  3. Follow up programs – your programs are “just the beginning” of transformation; you should be sending your “recommended next steps” after each engagement.
  4. Follow up webinars – ask your client “how long would you like this message to last?”
  5. Add audiences to your membership program.  Remember our scenario earlier?
    Imagine adding 50% of your audiences to a $20/month membership or club.
    That’s an additional $192,000 per year!!  Yowza!

Enough said?  Get on it!  Would love for you to share your ideas for increasing the pay check in the comments below!

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!