Marketing with a Bow & Arrow

By Jane Atkinson

How focused is your outbound marketing?

Many of my clients are moving into the FIRE mode because they have already completed READY and AIM.

Here are some tips on FIRING.

FOCUS IS KEY Your goal is to choose anywhere from 1 to 3 industries on which to focus your outbound efforts. You might ultimately decide that you can only market to one industry effectively, that would be fine. This focus will allow you to monitor your results and make strategic adjustments.

HOW DO YOU CHOOSE WHO TO TARGET? Go back through your speaking clients and see who you’ve loved working with and which audiences loved you. eg., you spoke to a large group of realtors and you were a huge hit. You might make real estate one of your target markets.

I HAVE MY TARGET MARKETS, THEN WHAT? The next step is to infiltrate. Become known to this group as an expert. How? I find that writing is one of the most effective ways. Develop articles and place them in all of your target industry publications.

Note: there is a big difference between being an advertiser and an industry expert. Go for the article, rather than the paid ad and you will be positioning more effectively. A good way to find the people in your target market is through their associations, here’s a good search tool. AssociationSearch.cfm

You can flood the market with your expertise in many different ways:

  1. use social media to build your fan base within the industry
  2. run industry specific teleclasses, webinars or podcasts
  3. do a postcard campaign (snail mail is bound to make a comeback!)
  4. pull people in to your fan base with a strong carrot. For more on this check out this blog post

By using a focused and consistent outbound marketing approach, you will see results that lead to bookings.

If you’d like to share something that has worked for you? Post your comment here below.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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