Is Your Marketing YOU-Centric or THEM-Centric?

By Jane Atkinson

I visit at least a half dozen client websites per week and it surprises me how often I still see the message “hire me, I’m a speaker”.

In order to be as effective as possible, the message should be “here’s how our work can help your company”.  (Of course, this might vary based on your target market.)

Since speaking is only one of the ways we distribute our knowledge, we want to position as an expert first, and a speaker second.

When we make our message about the outcomes of our work, we’re positioning as an expert, rather than a speaker.

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Your home page messaging might look something like this:

  1. Promise statement (built into the banner) that concisely explains the outcomes of your work.
  2. Headline – should be below the banner so it captures attention. Perhaps you ask a powerful question?
  3. Problem paragraph – what is the problem the people in your audiences face?  ie:  Our workforce today is running on empty and yet we are constantly asked to do more with less.  The end result is stress and burnout!
  4. Solution paragraph – how do you help?  (This section might start with “Through his consulting, training and keynotes, George Jones provides some of the following outcomes….).

When you make your message THEM-centric, you are providing the decision maker with the information they need to make you their speaker of choice.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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