New Decade, New Marketing

By Jane Atkinson

Tickbox YESYesterday during my workout, I was watching “So You Think You Can Dance”. There was a section where they stopped the auditions and told the dancers what the do’s and dont’s for this year were.

First thing to go? The male booty shake. No surprise there – who wants to see that?

So what’s in and what’s out for this new decade in speaker marketing?

OUT: Positioning as a ‘speaker’. The joke is if your topics list is as long as your client list, you are positioning incorrectly.

IN: Positioning as an ‘expert’. Be the expert, the authority in your field. Even if you consider yourself a motivational or inspirational speaker, figure out what the outcomes of your message are and sell those in your marketing.

OUT: Cheesy speaker photos. If your photo has you holding a mic and you are standing in front of a white screen, then you probably need an update.

IN: Live audience shots. Take your photos in front of your perfect audience. If you want to speak to large audiences, have someone take a shot from the back of the room for you so that your prospects can see you speaking live. There is still a need for some close up shots of you, a well done head shot can show your prospects who you really are.

OUT: Hire Me, I’m a Speaker! I talked alot in 2009 about doing a marketing Flip Flop. This is where we move our marketing to be about the client and their outcomes, rather than it being all about us.

Here’s a link to a past tip on this:

IN: A strong outcome oriented promise. Let the client know what will change for them if they work with you. Be clear, be concise. Too many different ideas and your prospects will be confused.

I hope this tip helps you get the New Year rolling in the right direction!

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