Are you New School or Old School?

By Jane Atkinson

As time whips by, the gap between old school and new school is expanding.

If you haven’t quite cottoned on to technology, you could be old school.

If you use terms like “cottoned on”, you might be old school (that’s a joke ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

If your first instinct is to pick up the phone, rather than shoot off an e-mail or a text, you could be old school.

And, if you don’t have any systems in place to pull “fans” into your database, you may be old school. The old school method of call-send-call is not nearly as likely to happen these days. Call a prospect, find out there’s a need, send a packet of information, follow up with a call. At least part, if not all, of the sales process will now be done electronically.

Now some of you might say, but the phone is very effective for me! The key is to know how your prospects work best. Many people these days prefer quick and easy communication, especially since phone calls have the ability to drag on.

In my 2011 Update for The Wealthy Speaker, I said: “Where before you might have been building a relationship by phone, now your goal is to pull people into your fan base and keep them there long enough to impress them.”

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Pulling people into your fan base (new school style) can mean using a name capture on your website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging. ย And, of course, if you can get some phone or Skype time with your client, take it!

If you’re new school, then you’re on the right track, woo hoo! And if you’re old school, let’s hope this prompts you to identify what’s not working and make some changes to the way you do business.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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