Which Orbit Are You In?

By Jane Atkinson

And which Orbit would you like to be in?

One of my Club Members Jim Czegledi, was talking about how he’d improved his business over our 10 months together. He said “I’ve moved into a new orbit which is richer with decision makers”.

It brought to light that there are stages in our business and I love that term “Orbit”.

Orbit 1 (Chicken Dinner) This is stage 1 for many speakers; although some do skip past it. This phase is where you get out and speak for anyone who will listen. It’s your practice phase with mostly services clubs and free chicken dinners from local associations.

(This phase can also be called the Rubber Chicken Circuit).

Orbit 2 (Squeaking By) This stage is where you start to get paid. The fees aren’t super high, but you are feeling more appreciated. Local small businesses and local associations may be your clients.

Orbit 3 (Making a Living) At this point, you are no longer taking any freebies. You are working at the state or provincial association level and the corporate groups are starting to get larger with bigger budgets. Now you are making a good living at speaking! Woo hoo!

Orbit 4 (Sweet Spot) Your clients have started to send limos for you at the airport, cool! Your fees are now above $10K. You’re working with seasoned meeting pro’s who want a unique experience and ROI. Your clients are corporate and large associations.

Orbit 5 (Speaking Celeb) You’ve become a celebrity within the industry. You may have a bestselling book and your fees are beyond $15K. Limos are a common thing in your world and you may have a team of people that help your business and travel run smoothly. Chances are you are dealing with heavy hitter executives with Fortune 500’s and National or International Associations.

What orbit are you in? Please comment here, we’d love to hear from you.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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