Overcoming Your Daunting Speaking Goals

By Jane Atkinson

As you may know, this has been the year for change in my business. So far, some of the things we’ve accomplished include:

While I am super excited about these major accomplishments, at times it was more than a little daunting. I suspect you can relate to feeling overwhelmed at times. So what is the best advice when it comes to getting through those tricky times on your way to becoming a Wealthy Speaker? Here are 3 tips:

1. Surround Yourself with a Smart Team Often we try to take it to the next level without the right players in place. I have been ] there, and it’s been the worst time in my career. Why? Because I was learning how to update my website instead of creating new ideas and content. I wasn’t working within my core competencies. Delegating tasks to others who are stronger in certain areas will allow you to work in your strengths. Think about outsourcing things like website updates, graphic design, social media flow, proofreading, and blog posting.

2. Drop Outdated Things That Don’t Add Value: Drop draining tasks, products, or services from your business to allow for abundance and fresh ideas to enter. Perhaps you have done a lengthy newsletter for years – blogs are the way to go, short and sweet. Or maybe you have consulting, workshops or training that eat up all of your time, for little reward. Is it time to let them go?

Clear the land of low paycheck activities to make room for Wealthy Speaker Activities!

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3. Learn From the Best: Investing in a great coach will not only help you save time, money, and energy, but will also assist to mitigate major stumbling blocks in your path to success. You know that saying “you can’t read the label from inside the jar?” It’s true. It’s much easier to see the big picture from the outside looking in. I have a coach, and I think most successful people have someone smart in their corner. By gathering a strong team, dropping old ideas and enlisting a coach or mentor, you will be on your path to Wealthy or Wealthier.

PS: If you’re thinking about a coach, my Focus 40 session is to a great place to “try before you buy” with me. It’s a 40 minute private coaching session (by phone or Skype) at a drastically reduced rate.