Part I: Are You Ready to Hire?

By Jane Atkinson

hiringOne of the most common things I hear from
professional speakers is that they are not
interested in marketing themselves. They’d like
to hire someone to do it for them. For those of
you who have tried to hire, and failed, you know
that this is easier said than done. Let’s face
it – hiring, in any industry, is a crap shoot.

Here are a few questions to determine whether you
are ready to hire a marketing person to help build
your speaking business:

1. Are you losing business because you don’t have
time (or desire) to fill your business pipeline or
follow up leads?

2. Have you ‘worked’ the business yourself for at
least a year and know how to get bookings (and can
train someone else to do this)?

3. Can you afford to pay a base salary plus
commission? (Most good marketing people will not
work for straight commission).

4. Can you afford to make a mistake in hiring? (Or
will a bad choice put your business in jeopardy?)

If you can answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions
then you are ready to take the next step.

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