Part II: Don’t Make a Mistake When Hiring

By Jane Atkinson

One of the biggest mistakes speakers make
when hiring is not getting clear on their needs
until AFTER they have hired.

Hopefully you have fully assessed whether you
are ready to hire or not after the last Inside
Track Tip: Are You Ready to Hire?

The hiring process has 5 steps:
1) Are you ready?
2) What should this person do for me?
3) How much should I pay them?
4) Where will I find them?
5) How should we get started?

We’ll cover #2 and #3 here today, and #4 and #5 in
the next part.

At this point we need to get clear on what
tasks we want this person to perform for us.
Remember back to April’s Tip: Focus to Earn More
we talked about the $10/hour jobs vs. the
$150/hour jobs?

Well it’s the $10 jobs that you should be farming
out to an admin person. But be clear that this is
not the same as the “sales and marketing” role.

Here is the long list of possible job tasks –
separated into 3 categories 1) Getting Speaking
Engagements 2) Administrative duties and 3)
Personal Assistant:

1) Getting speaking engagements:
cold calling/telemarketing
marketing to and working with bureaus
developing or updating marketing materials
proposal writing
sending out marketing materials or e-mail
closing deals (overcoming objections, etc)
meeting with clients
mass marketing – mailings or e-mails
showcase events
following up leads from gigs
new product development

2) Admin duties:
Booking travel
Generating invoices/Bookkeeping
Schedule management
Gig logistics
Product fulfillment (shipping)
Database management
Newsletter management
Web site management
Managing other businesses
interests/investments, etc.

3) Personal Assistant
Picking up dry cleaning
Feeding the fish
Keeping you organized
Arranging family trips, etc.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Choose your requirements
from the list above and then design the job

Note: As stated in the last tip, if you don’t know
how to sell yourself, you may not be ready to

SALARY: If your job description includes tasks
from all 3 areas, then you’ll want to consider
offering a base salary (for the admin and/or
personal assistant work) plus commission for the
marketing work. You may get creative and offer an
admin only person a bonus when you meet quotas.

One combo that seems to be successful is the
“business manager” role that encompasses all 3
areas and pays salary plus commission. You and
your business manager will grow the business
together along with both of your incomes.

WHO IS RIGHT?: Now that you have a job
description, make a list of the qualities that the
person doing this job would possess and then make
a list of the values of the person you’d work best
with. (You’ll notice that the people you surround
yourself with often have similar values to your

NEXT STEP: Once you are clear on what you need
and what that perfect person looks like, in two
weeks I’ll provide some ideas on how to find that
perfect person. In the meantime, continue to
visualize yourself finding that perfect person. It
is possible!

Part III:  Let’s Find You That Perfect Staff Person