Part III: Finding That Perfect Staff Person

By Jane Atkinson

In Part I of this series we talked about whether
or not you were ready to hire.

In Part II we covered how much to pay and the job

Now we delve into actually looking for this
person. Some of the things that should go on your
list of traits of a marketing person should be:
Detail Oriented
Sales Skills
Relationship Builder
“Gets” what you do
Able to persevere

If you are checking behavioral styles, you might
go for someone with a Driver and Interpersonal

Now that you have the vision of the person in
mind, here are some places to look….

1. Your inner circle – put out a notice of the
type of person you are looking for to everyone you
know in your business and personal life.

2. If you attend a church ask around there.

3. Your audience – often someone who comes to
talk to you after a presentation might be a
candidate. You might even mention it from the
platform if you can turn it into a relevant story.

4. Virtual Assistant – they are popping up every
day on-line – and there are several who specialize
in coaches and professional speakers.

5. Speaker Management companies – it’s getting
more and more common for 1 person or office to
manage several speakers. Ask around at your
NSA or CAPS Chapter to see who is in your area.
The biggest problem that these companies face is
that they cannot take all the speakers that
them so it’s hard to get your foot in the door.

6. Advertising – locally or on a
type website will probably get you a fair
Make sure you mention that you are a professional
speaker – people are intrigued by our industry.
You’ll have to weed through a stack of applicants,
but it could be worth it if you find that perfect

Keep in mind the principle “hire slow, fire fast”.
Take your time. Be prepared to spend a lot of time
training this person. (This is why it’s so
important for you to know how to book speaking
business). Do not bring them in, leave them
alone, and expect them to start booking business
for you. That, most likely, won’t happen. Have
them come out to several of your speeches, read
your books, watch your videos. Let them listen to
you sell and role play prior to picking up the
Have a training agenda.

Hiring is like a marriage and the stats might even
be similar (50+% failure rate). So take your
time, visualize the perfect person coming into
your business and give them the training and tools
to be successful.