Plugging in to Your Passion to Become a Wealthy Speaker

By Jane Atkinson

Years ago, my buddy, Joe Calloway, posed a question to the audience at the NSA National Convention in Phoenix that still has relevance:

“What do you need to let go of in order to take your
business to the next level?”

What Joe didn’t tell the audience was the story of how he threw out all of his speech materials and started from scratch in order to move to a new and better place in his career. Most speakers would die if they had to throw away their speech. But it worked for Joe — big time.

The same year, as his famous “Let it Go” speech, Joe published a book called Becoming a Category of One that was an absolute game changer. Starting over again was scary, but the risk paid off. Rather than speaking to large audiences, Joe started working with smaller groups within companies at the CEO and senior executive level and he felt his work was the best of his career. He had reinvented himself and his fees and demand went through the roof.

I see a direct correlation between plugging into your true passion or purpose and how much income you earn.

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The more passion — the more revenue. If you are a speaker who has been “phoning in” your speech for any length of time, you are due for a change. Sometimes moving to a new level means being brave. Don’t get stuck doing things you are “good at.” I challenge you to see where your path takes you next.

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