[Podcast ] Q&A with Jen McDonough, Get Paid to Speak

By Jane Atkinson

In this foundational episode,  listen to the Q&A with Jen McDonough, Get Paid to Speak. We field some of the most frequently asked questions from new and emerging speakers. Jane tackles picking a lane, speaking fees, what you should have on your website, the ready-aim-fire approach. Jane also talks about what to do with the little green man on your shoulder (it will make sense when you listen, we promise!)

Topics Discussed:

:32 What was Jen’s biggest “aha” moment after going through the Wealthy Speaker University? Turns out, it had a lot to do with picking a lane.

Q&A: Jen asks Jane a few burning questions

1:44 More on picking a lane! What is the most important thing to do to get booked as a speaker when you’re starting out?

2:38 It’s important to find out where your passion meets profits.

3:00 Jane discusses the pros and cons of writing a book first vs. just getting out and speaking.

5:02 “If your topic list is as long as your client list, you’re in trouble!”

6:18 Speaker should try to pare their topic list down to 3 or less.

6:28 How do we get known as a speaker? Jane delves more into the ready, aim, fire approach.

8:33 “If I go to your website, I should be able to tell in about 15 seconds how you can help me.”

9:51 The way to make it as a speaker is to find a topic in your realm of expertise that people will pay you to speak on.

13:06 You have to be able to pinpoint your own value to clients.

14:10 How do we know how much to charge when we’re starting out?

15:14 Jane tells a success story about a client who went from 0 to charging $17,500 per speech in under 3 years.

17:00 Jane discusses the difference between a keynote and a workshop speech.

18:40 What does a “new school” keynote look like vs. an “old school” keynote?

23:26 What are some of the most important things speakers should have on their websites?

26:00 Why we should avoid “I’m a speaker, hire me” language.

29:56 How do speakers get booked? (AKA, the fire stage)

33:00 How can speakers leverage what they’re best at in their marketing?

36:14 When should speakers go from booking themselves to using a speakers’ bureau?

37:37 Jane discusses the top 3 mistakes new speakers often make.

39:20 How long does it usually take before speakers start seeing real returns on their speaking career?

42:30 Jane offers a formula for putting together a talk.

44:42 How to go from free to fee.

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