How to Boost Your Speaking Business by Being an Awesome Podcast Guest 1200 x 1200

How to Boost Your Speaking Business by Being an Awesome Podcast Guest

One of the keys to building and growing a successful speaking business is the ability to become known as the ‘expert’ in your industry or specialty. That means you need to properly market yourself to get your message out to the people who will hire you. A great way to do that… through podcasts. Let’s look at some keys to boosting your speaking business by being an awesome podcast guest! As a professional speaker, it’s

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finding success as a public speaker in 2020

Finding Your Way to Success as a Public Speaker in 2020

As I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, I came across a funny image that showed 1 out of 5 stars highlighted and the text: 2020 – “Definitely would not recommend!”. That about sums up how many are feeling about 2020 as we start to wrap up Q3. But, while things certainly haven’t been easy on the business front this year, not all is lost. Here’s some insight into how you can still work

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Speaker Success Tips - Jane Atkinson

#SpeakerSuccessTip: Change Your Mindset

The pandemic has affected all of us. Sometimes we find ourselves feeling postive and up and sometimes we get caught up in the negative and down. This week’s #SpeakerSuccessTip is all about identifying your primary thoughts about the future and your speaking business. Check this out… #SpeakerSuccessTip: If you are feeling negative about your speaking business, flip your mindset and focus on the positive! Tweet

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A Simple Exercise to Help Build Your Confidence in Your Speaking Business

2020 has been one of the most challenging years any of us have faced in our lifetime. There is so much uncertainty in business and in life that it can strike down anyone’s confidence quite quickly. Today I’m going to share a simple exercise to help build your confidence in your speaking business. We’ve talked about how important confidence is for a professional speaker previously on this blog. A few months ago, I attended a

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The Focused Hustle 5 featured image 1200 x 1200

The Focused Hustle 5 | August 2020

AUGUST 2020 MUST LISTEN PODCASTS Here are this month’s must-listen podcasts: PR Strategies to Book More Business With Courtney Love Gavin Taking Productive Action Now With Brian Fanzo Adding Comedy to Live and Virtual With Judy Carter Trusting Yourself and Taking Risks With Jason O. Harris LISTEN NOW THE WEALTHY SPEAKER SCHOOL There is a lot happening inside the Wealthy Speaker School this summer! In August we are focusing on copywriting secrets and more strategies

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4 Keys to Selling Profitable Virtual Speaking Engagements 1200 x 1200

4 Keys to Selling Profitable Virtual Speaking Engagements

Living in a pandemic may be one of the most bizarre, upsetting, and disruptive times we will ever live through. It has caused all of us to make major changes in our everyday lives and in our businesses. Many in my world have brilliantly transitioned to virtual work. Today, I’m sharing four keys to selling profitable virtual speaking engagements to help those of you struggling to make the transition find the same success. I’m so

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