[Podcast] Catapulting Fees with Joe Calloway

By Jane Atkinson

Catapult Your Speaking Business Fees

In this episode, Jane interviews Hall of Fame speaker, and author, Joe Calloway. Even though he’s already had a massively successful speaking career, Joe keeps looking for ways to push himself. Joe talks about some of what he’s done recently to supercharge his content and separate himself from his competition. Jane and Joe also discuss when it’s the right time to raise your speaking fees and how speakers can create tie-breakers to get booked over the competition.

Topics Discussed:

[1:05] Joe discusses how he improved on his content and aligned his marketing materials to supercharge his speaking business.

[2:57] Learn about some of Joe’s early game-changing moments.

[5:46] Joe discusses how writing Becoming a Category of One changed the way the market looked at him.

[7:55] There’s a big difference between being a professional speaker and expert who happens to speak.

[10:35] Jane and Joe discuss why it’s so important to get the right sequence in place in the ready, aim, fire strategy. They delve into some actionable steps that speakers can take.

[15:12] When is the right time to raise speaking fees?

[17:12] What are some possible “tie-breakers” when speakers are up against their competition for gigs?

[22:14] Joe talks about how his business model (and the business model for a lot of other speakers) has changed in recent years.

[26:28] What kind of problems does Joe get called upon to solve these days?

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