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[Podcast] From Podcast to Platform with Joel Boggess

Joel Boggess

Joel Boggess has parlayed his popular Relaunch podcast (over 1 million downloads!) into speaking and author opportunities. His Never Give Up mantra was instilled at an early age after a frightening brush with death. Joel talks about his experience as a podcaster, some of his favorite guests, and how podcasting can lead to new opportunities.

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Show Notes:

[1:25] Joel discusses a transformative experience from when he was young.

[5:19] Fast forward to Joel’s career in broadcasting…

[7:38] What were some early lessons that Joel learned from podcasting?

[9:48] What role have books played in Joel’s career?

[11:21] Actually finishing a book can be a tremendous boost for one’s confidence (not to mention career!).

[13:36] Back to the podcast- what were some of Joel’s early mistakes?

[18:09] Joel talks about why sticking to it is so important.

[19:48] How has the podcast paid off for Joel?

[20:50] “Podcasting is the new networking.”

[22:57] N.G.U.

[27:24] Joel offers some tips for not giving up.

[30:57] What’s the power of into a vision for your life?

[33:30] “Just look into the eyes of your audience and be helpful.”

[35:00] Who have been some of Joel’s favorite podcast guests?

[39:10] Joel talks about his style as a podcaster.

You can listen to Joel’s most popular episodes and subscribe to the podcast here: http://relaunchshow.com/subscribe/

You can also listen to Jane’s recent visit to Relaunch here: http://relaunchshow.com/wealthy-speaker-jane-atkinson/

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Want to hear more episodes of the Wealthy Speaker podcast or subscribe so you never miss an interview? Check out the podcast episode archive, HERE or subscribe on either iTunes or Stitcher below.



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