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[Podcast] Sharpen Your Sales Game with Colleen Francis

Sharpen Your Sales Game with Colleen Francis

Like it or not, selling is a necessity for speakers. It doesn’t have to be intimidating, though. Hall of Fame Speaker and CEO of Engage Selling, Colleen Francis shows the audience how to sharpen their sales game. There are a lot of practical sales tips here that will help any speaker. Go from finding the client all the way through an effective sales conversation in this episode.  

Topics Discussed:

[1:34] How did Colleen get started in the speaking business?

[3:50] Colleen talks about a few of the mistakes she made when she was starting out.

[4:51] “No one can sell you better than you can sell yourself.”

[8:40] Colleen talks about the importance of list building.

[11:41] What are some of the more successful prospecting tactics that Colleen has used?

[14:56]  Colleen walks the audience through a typical sales conversation.

[18:50] Do your research first.

[21:01] How many messages does Colleen leave before she gives up? (It’s probably a bigger number than you might think!)

[25:18] How many seeds do you have to plant for one to sprout?

[28:34] Colleen offers some tips for closing the deal.

[31:13] What does a beautiful client relationship look like?

[36:23] If someone really wants to enhance their sales game, what’s one thing they can do?

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