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The Epic Keynote: Presentation Skills and Styles of Wealthy Speakers

The Epic Keynote is where craftsmanship meets style. Don’t leave your presentation to chance, take the steps required to make it EPIC! The most impactful speakers have a high level of relevance for their audience, customize to make it meaningful and tell stories that make people laugh and cry. Do you have what it takes to deliver The Epic Keynote?

  • Are your stories crafted and vivid for the listener?
  • Is your style one that engages the audience from minute one?
  • Do you take people on a journey and inspire them to think about things in different ways?
  • Does your keynote result in more speeches do you get asked back again and again?

Jane Atkinson has put the wisdom of her speaking colleagues, The Wealthy Speakers, with her own to deliver a book that every person who gives speeches must read. Whether you are a professional speaker, or the head of a company, taking these tips and techniques onto the stage with you will ensure superior results.

Available format: eBook
$10 CAD
Available format: Softcover Book
$20 CAD


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