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The Wealthy Speaker 2.0

(35 customer reviews)

The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 helps you navigate through the minefield of costly marketing mistakes made by many speakers trying to build a successful business. Designed for speakers of all experience, you’ll learn how to:

  • Position yourself in the market as an expert
  • Develop language that will get you noticed by decision makers
  • Design a website that is heads above the others
  • Put together an easy to follow social media strategy
  • Move your fees up the ladder more quickly by doing the right things consistently
  • Use The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 to find and train agents, assistants or marketing staff

With over 200 updates since it was first published, Speakers will walk away with the tools to launch or relaunch, a successful speaking business.

Wealthy Speaker 2.0 - Softcover
$20 CAD
Get a softcover copy of our best-selling Wealthy Speaker 2.0. Book ships in 4-7 business days.
Wealthy Speaker 2.0 - eBook
$10 CAD
Get the Wealthy Speaker 2.0 eBook in a downloadable .pdf format that you can read immediately!
Wealthy Speaker 2.0 - Audio
$20 CAD
It's our best-selling Wealthy Speaker 2.0 in audio format! Download each of the chapters and listen to them on your favorite device.
Wealthy Speaker 2.0 - eBook and Audio
$30 CAD
Get the Wealthy Speaker 2.0 digital format system that includes both the eBook and Audio files.

REVIEWS FOR: The Wealthy Speaker 2.0

11 months ago

Great book. Before you have to backtrack to fix any mishaps and mistakes you make starting your speaking business, this is the book to read.

11 months ago
Justin Gentry

Perfect reading for anyone in the speaking arena—beginner and advanced. It’s the “nuts and bolts” of the industry. You would be wise to read it. And then read it again. Thanks, Jane!

11 months ago
Sean Glaze

Jane Atkinson is a tremendous resource – and this book is proof of her expertise and passion for helping people to grow their speaking business successfully. I have recommended this book to dozens of aspiring speakers, and use it as part of our curriculum in the ProPath program for NSA Georgia. If you are serious about building a business in the speaking industry, this is a book you want in your library.

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35 reviews for The Wealthy Speaker 2.0

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  1. Jill

    One of the best things about Jane Atkinson’s book is that it doesn’t “guarantee” a luxury jet setting lifestyle… Instead, she outlines a plan of hard work, initiative, and self discipline that may possibly lead to making a living as a paid public speaker. Too many self improvement and career advice books in this field make pie-in-the-sky promises that are nothing but fluff. Instead, Ms. Atkinson shares decades of experience as a behind the scenes booker and agent in the speaking industry. My wife and I have both been paid to speak in the past, and decided to make 2013 the year that we formalize our efforts and make it a career. This is the most down to earth, and practical book on the subject we’ve found. The 2.0 version included updated anecdotes, Internet tips and social networking guidance. The only reason it is not rated 5 stars is because the author does not include the valuable info that most aspiring speakers want to know -exactly who to contact for bookings – instead there are general guidelines about communicating with event planners. Ms. Atkinson offers personal and group coaching, and we plan on taking her up on her offer.

  2. K. Ough

    Jane did a good job in explaining basic information. I wish she had added more real life experience but overall I thought the book was worth the fee. I wouldn’t put it in my top resource list but I did thing it was worth reading.

  3. Kelly

    This book is well-organized and very down-to-earth. It’s a fabulous primer, covering everything needed to succeed. Thank you, Jane Atkinson!

  4. David F.

    Lots of solid information. An easy read with good advice. If you’re thinking about going into speaking, it’s worth checking out.

  5. Jason D. Mirikitani

    This book has been quite helpful for me, someone who is making a career out of speaking and delivering a good message. The book thoroughly explains the ins and outs of growing one’s business in this field.

  6. Thule

    This is an awesome book, as an aspirant Speaker, Jane has really given me the breakdown of what it is going to take to launch my career as a speaker! The book is real about the opportunities, the methodology and the hard work it takes to be successful. I’m really excited and yes I know that there’s lots of work to be done, but I feel like I now have the tools I need at my finger tips.

  7. Tom J. Dolan

    This was a good intro to the world of Public Speaking and I’m glad I read it. That said, I’m now looking for more information in greater detail and at a higher level and by that I mean above a Beginner level. But it was a good beginning to the industry.

  8. Bridges

    This book is filled with useful advice, especially for me entering the Speaker and Author arena. I literally would read a chapter, then apply the techniques in real time. My website is much better after taking Jane’s advice… see for yourself BridgesBAM.com

  9. Sharon W.

    I discovered author Jane Atkinson from an online speakers summit and really liked her. What I liked the best with her talk was what I liked best in the book. She advices speakers to pick a lane – find their specialty and stick with that. She explains how best to establish yourself as an expert. This book is packed with information. It’s definitely one of the best books available for speakers wanting to grow their business.

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