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Wealthy Speaker Bundle (includes Wealthy Speaker 2.0 + Daily Success Planner + Bonus)

$59 CAD

Get the ultimate bundle to get your speaking business on track!

This amazing package includes:

  • The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 Book
  • The Wealthy Speaker Daily Planner and Journal
  • a BONUS of Shifting Mindsets: Meditating Your Way to Wealthy Audio Download
  • Daily Success Habits: 3-part Video Training Series

Journal Key Features:

  • Key exercises and elements from The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 book
  • Set out your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Goals
  • Map out your 5-year Vision
  • Create an action plan using 30-60-90 planner
  • Inspirational quotes and reminders design for “Wealthy Speaker Mindset”
  • Log your daily wins – the best way to build momentum
  • Use Wealthy Speaker techniques to ensure that your goals are reached with less time and distraction
  • Monitor to spend time doing high payoff activities
  • Align your goals with your top values
  • Set your intention every day (powerful)
  • Map out your marketing initiatives each week
  • Identify your confidence builders and capitalize on them
  • Keep your top clients and prospects top of mind
  • Stay focused on your strategy whether in Ready, Aim, or Fire mode
  • Keep your gratitude front and center (a technique used by many wealthy people)
  • Stay in balance with your daily mind/body and spirit habits
  • Start every day in a positive space for accelerated productivity

REVIEWS FOR: Wealthy Speaker Bundle (includes Wealthy Speaker 2.0 + Daily Success Planner + Bonus)

11 months ago

Great book. Before you have to backtrack to fix any mishaps and mistakes you make starting your speaking business, this is the book to read.

11 months ago
Justin Gentry

Perfect reading for anyone in the speaking arena—beginner and advanced. It’s the “nuts and bolts” of the industry. You would be wise to read it. And then read it again. Thanks, Jane!

11 months ago
Sean Glaze

Jane Atkinson is a tremendous resource – and this book is proof of her expertise and passion for helping people to grow their speaking business successfully. I have recommended this book to dozens of aspiring speakers, and use it as part of our curriculum in the ProPath program for NSA Georgia. If you are serious about building a business in the speaking industry, this is a book you want in your library.

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