Reinvention Lessons from Taylor Swift

By Jane Atkinson

Okay, don’t be a hater because I have the musical tastes of a 14 year-old girl.  I have followed Taylor Swift’s career closely not just because I like her music, but because of her business acumen!

Tay Tay may not be your cup of tea, but it’s predicted this week that she will have sold more albums in 7 days than any other artist or band — including Beyonce, Katy Perry, Coldplay and Pharrell — has sold in the last 300 days.

But that’s not even my point.  She launched onto the country music scene at age 14 and has managed, almost seamlessly, to CHANGE LANES into pop music. She has reinvented brilliantly where many artists’ attempts have not gone nearly so well.

So is reinvention worth it?  And if so, how do we go about it?

My good friend and business partner Joe Calloway has reinvented himself more times than I can count; and based on his success and longevity I’d say – REINVENTION IS NOT ONLY WORTH IT, IT’S REQUIRED.

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Benefits of Reinvention:

  1. Gets you back to your market with something new and fresh
  2. Keeps you excited about your work, continually evolving
  3. Allows you to grow as an expert who speaks

How often you reinvent is going to be up to you.  I’m guessing my business changes about every 3 years.  That means the website gets refreshed, I add new products or services, or perhaps write a new book.  Writing a book is a terrific way to reinvent.

The goal is not that we throw away everything we know, but that we take it to the next level, spin it around, turn it upside down and shake up our content.

How many years have you been in the business, and how many times have you reinvented?  We’d like to hear from you in the comments below.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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