[Podcast] Building Business Models & Monetizing Events with Michelle Villalobos

By Jane Atkinson

In this episode, learn all about building business models & monetizing events with Michelle Villalobos.  Michelle didn’t just think about it, she used live events to scale her business beyond speaking. Michelle is a speaker, coach and, personal branding expert who has hosted many successful live events. Listen as Michelle walks the listeners through how she did it; from getting your first event off the ground, all the way to scaling and monetizing events.

Topics Discussed:

1:40 How did Michelle get her start?

4:04 Michelle talks about some of the flashpoints that accelerated her career.

7:54 Michelle went against the grain and changed her business model.

15:01 Michelle discusses putting on her first live event.

23:00 How did Michelle keep pushing forward to make her events better?

27:03 Is starting small a good strategy?

28:00 What mistakes do speakers often make in their marketing?

31:58 Michelle pulls back the curtain on her own business model.

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