The Secret to Success in Speaking: Two Keys

By Jane Atkinson

I’ve given you a ton of information this year. Were you listening?  Were you taking notes?

But, there are TWO KEYS to it all working. Two keys to success.


FOCUS is something we talk about a lot, but it’s sometimes difficult to do.


  • Picking a lane.  Ask yourself “what do I want to be known for 5 years from now?”  Your lane is at the intersection where your passion meets profits. Click to Tweet
  • Dropping programs that no longer serve you. You know which ones they are and they are muddying the water with your clients.  I get that sometimes you have to pay the bills; just know they should be dropped at some point.
  • Removing low pay/low reward options from your services menu

We need to be brave to have focus.  We also need to be brave to fully step into the next level. But what’s the absolute key?  Action!


    • Doing the right things consistently.  That includes putting out helpful, relevant information on social media
    • Making changes to your marketing to ensure the right message is received once they do arrive at your website.
    • Communicating regularly (and effectively) with your target market via email, blogs, snail mail, etc.

SIDE NOTE RANT:  As a coach, I receive 4-6 unsolicited e-newsletters from speakers every week. Most people I don’t know. Imagine how many a decision maker gets and then imagine how annoying that is when you have not requested a single one?  Stop doing that!

These two keys are pretty easy to remember, but I’ve attached a reminder PDF that you can print and place on your bulletin board.

Focus and take action and we’ll see you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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