Who are the Smarty McFarty’s in your life?

By Jane Atkinson
Cliff Atkinson

Everyone needs a smart person to talk to.

That someone in your corner who can be annoying at times, but when you think about what they have said, they often have impact.

My brother was this for me, and I didn’t really realize it until it was too late.

He passed away in January 2010.

Our long distance chats would never be less than an hour and would usually end with me saying “okay Cliff, that’s enough, I can’t take any more information”.

My brother Cliff inspired my interest in many things: travel, entrepreneurship, continuous learning. He was a self help junkie and an avid reader on many topics. He also had a great sense of humor.

We all need a Smartie McFarty, like Cliff, to help stimulate our thinking. Even if they don’t understand your profession (many people don’t “get” us) they can offer us perspectives that we may not have thought of – we just need to stay open.

Who are the Smarty McFarty’s in your life?

Are you appreciating them?

Feel free to give them a shout out here with a comment below.

Bottom line. Don’t wait to tell the people who are important to you that they are having an impact.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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