So, what’s a great website really look like?

By Jane Atkinson

winningwebsiteAfter launching The Best Speaking-Expert Website Contest last week, I was thrilled with the response – more than 65 entries and counting!

After reviewing some sites, I realized something…. Some people are confused about what makes a great website.

I’m not saying there weren’t a few good ones, and you’ll see them in the finals. But several led me to think….

“Really? This is THE BEST speaker website you’ve seen?”

Here are some of the criteria that were outlined by myself and the expert judging panel. For the sake of this tip, I’ll give you the expanded version of a few:

1. PROMISE: First and foremost, the website must demonstrate a clear promise for your customer. If your web visitors come and have to dig around to find out how you can help them, you’ve missed the boat.

If you are a musician or entertainer, you might have a challenge putting ROI (return on investment) to your work. Many speakers struggle to come up with a promise that really works, so don’t think you are alone. It’s a process.

For more on Promise Statements, refer to Chapter 4 of The Wealthy Speaker.

2. OUTCOME: The website speaks to the outcome for the buyer – rather than focusing on you! There are some really beautiful submissions that are cool to look at but are focused solely on the speaker rather than the client. These would need what I call a “Marketing Flip Flop” to highlight client outcomes first, speaker second.

Here’s a tip I wrote awhile back on Flip Flops.

3, EXPERT FIRST: Position as an expert first and a speaker second. This is really an add on to #2. For most of you, speaking is just one way of distributing your knowledge. You may also write books, consult, etc.

Brian Palmer of National Speakers Bureau says “clients no longer want to hire speakers, they want to hire smart people who happen to speak”.

When a website says “book me, I’m a speaker”, clients may not view you as the expert that they are seeking and may go on to find someone else.


Now there are some other important criteria like: having a topic that is desirable, decision maker friendly and has great video. But if you are missing the mark on your positioning, then chances are you do not have the best speaking-expert website.

To view the criteria again, here’s the link to the post.

ps: Feel free to e-mail me directly if you’d like to change your submission. And if you need a step-by-step on creating a great website, check out the Wealthy Speaker