So You Think You Can Speak?

By Jane Atkinson

Have you ever watched that reality show
‘So You Think You Can Dance’?  I have
only seen it a few times but what
occured to me while watching was that
the speaking industry isn’t all that

Many times a dancer would be under the
impression that they were incredibly
talented when in fact, they might have
been just average. Sometimes….they
were downright bad.

Which category would you put yourself
__Incredibly talented
__Above Average
__Downright bad

Seriously, I’m sure none of you would
say downright bad, but the reality of
this industry is that you need to
constantly sharpen your skills.

Some speakers who are booked 100 times
per year at $10,000 per gig still get
help with their content and presentation

Even Joe Calloway, who many of you
admire, continues to learn and grow
every day of his career.

Because Joe is so talented, he was
chosen to be the 1st subject of my new
DVD series entitled:  The Killer Keynote
Diaries:  How to Develop and Deliver a
Keynote that Blows Them Away.

If you were at the National Speakers
Association Convention in Phoenix, you
might remember Joe’s ‘Let it Go’ speech.
That speech has had resounding impact.

On the DVD, you get the live
presentation as well as an interview
with Joe on what made it so powerful.

We’ll talk about…. opening, stories,
humor, timing, engaging the audience,
corporate clients, taking risks and much
much more.

You’ll be inspired to take your speech
to a new place and perhaps the next
survey you take about talent, you’ll
move up a rung.

This DVD is available starting today.
Click here to get your copy.

(You may have to cut and paste this

In the speaking industry, we can’t just
hope that we might have talent.  We have
to move towards greatness every single
day and this is a step in the right

Happy Speaking!

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