Speaker Mentors: Snatch the Pebble Grasshopper

By Jane Atkinson

Remember that tv show Kung Fu? When the student
was finished learning he was able to snatch the
pebble from the teacher’s hand.

I recently had a client who had grown so much that
he no longer needed my services. In my mind,
that’s great news! Dependency is not the goal.

Knowing when to move on from relationships is
often difficult. But when you do, it helps you
continue your forward momentum.

Question: What relationships in your business
are no longer serving you?

Whether it be a supplier, a mentor, a friendship,
etc., we need to know when to move on.

In order to keep growing and moving forward, we
want to have two ‘mentor type’ relationships in
our business.

1. OUR MENTOR: A person who is further along in
the business than we are. Someone who you respect
and take advice from with confidence. Ideally
this person has achieved many of the goals that
you are looking forward to achieving. They ARE
where you want to BE.

2. OUR MENTEE: Someone who needs our help. If
you are just starting out yourself, then you might
wait a year to develop this relationship. But if
you’ve been around awhile, there is someone out
there who needs you. Open yourself up to seeing

I tend to seek out mentors in specific areas. For
instance, I have an online marketing mentor who I
ask for advice on my web-based businesses. I also
have a writing mentor for when I’m in the throws
of a writing project.

And when I mentor someone else, I typically take
on someone who is outside of the speaking industry
to keep things simple. Usually it’s a small
business owner. When you mentor someone else, it
should be 100% donated time with no intended
benefit for you.

What you create with these relationships is good
what-goes-around-comes-around karma. But knowing
when we have outgrown a relationship is key. Be
willing to allow your relationships to ebb and
flow and you will continue to grow (hey, that

Happy mentoring!

Jane Atkinson
Creator, The Wealthy Speaker System

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