The Speaker’s Best Gift: Presence

By Jane Atkinson

After returning home from one of the best CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) meetings I have ever attended, I am evaluating my behavior.

More specifically, my PRESENCE at the event.

Not, “was the event worthwhile?” It was indeed.

Not, “was I seen as an expert?” That was on track.

But, was I actually “present”?

Being consciously present while interacting with your fans or customers, especially in a crowded room, takes some practice.

I’m going to give myself 6 out of 10.


There was one emerging speaker who approached me at the very end of the last evening’s gala. I was leaving the event, (exhausted after 3 days and 3 presentations) nearly at the elevator when she breathlessly approached, “Jane, do you have a minute?”

She was a fan of The Wealthy Speaker and has been following my work. She came to Montreal BECAUSE I was speaking! I tried to be present, but I’m afraid I failed. (If you are reading this, please accept my apology).

I could have engaged more consciously. I could have inquired about her first convention experience or any number of things. Instead, I am certain that I was distracted.

How often do we let our “fans” down?

How often do we mentally check out before we’ve actually left the venue?

Next year, I will do better and I hope you will keep this in mind at your next speaking or networking event.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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