Stop, Drop and Roll into Your Greatness

By Jane Atkinson

Over the past 20 years, time and time again, I’ve heard speakers utter the words “But, I don’t FEEL like an expert”.

I don’t know if I need to tell you the benefits of standing tall in your expertise, but if you do not stand tall, your business is going to have a hard time growing. Here’s my 3 step ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ approach:


When you look at all of the experts who have come before you in your topic area, stop comparing yourself to them. And start focusing on why you are different from them. Okay, so maybe you didn’t climb Mt. Everest, but what is your formula for success? What have you done? If you feel your content needs some enrichment, then get out there and beef it up.

Just remember, no one lands at the top of the mountain. All of your heroes started somewhere similar to where you are today.


There are some industries that seem more conducive to struggle than others. Actors, musicians, entertainers, for instance, are known for their “starving artist” element. Struggle is a state of mind. And when you step outside of it, imagine playing big, and then take action until you get it, you are on the right path.


There’s often a little green man sitting on our shoulder telling us we’re not good enough. When you fill up your “atta-boy” or “atta-girl” file with testimonials, that’s your go to spot when you feel your mojo slipping. When the little green man is driving the bus, you are not going in the direction of your desires.

So the next time you’re waffling on how great you are, Stop, Drop and Roll!

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!