How Strong is Your Fan Base?

By Jane Atkinson

In The Wealthy Speaker 2010 Update, I talked about our new approach to marketing. Our goal is to pull people into our fan base long enough to impress them (so they buy from us).

Get your PDF copy of the update here.

The success of this approach really depends on the strength of your lists, or your fan base.

When someone like Seth Godin, who’s written gobs of books, puts out a blog post or a new book people sit up, take notice, and more importantly BUY THE BOOK.

There are different levels of fan loyalty.

The EXTREME LOYALTY fan base: I suspect this is Seth’s group – they follow closely, hang on every word and purchase often.

The HIGH LOYALTY fan base: I would say this might be my base (thank you, I appreciate you) they enjoy much of your work, and a good percentage of them purchase.

THE LOW LOYALTY fan base: This group would be the least desireable. They sometimes pay attention and rarely buy from you. They follow mainly for the freebies that you offer.

Which fan base are you developing right now? Which one would you like? The more aware we are, the easier it is to make changes and improve your base.

QUICK TIP: When pulling people into your fan base via your name capture on your website, make sure that you are asking them to buy fairly early in the cycle. By providing only great value without asking for the sale, you are tee’ing them up to be LOW LOYALTY.

NEXT TIP: I’m going to introduce you to my new project The Wealthy Speaker University. There are 3 terrific new programs for speakers at all levels. We’re just putting the final pieces in place, stay tuned!

PS: If you don’t have a copy of The Wealthy Speaker, or the Wealthy Speaker System (a great value if I do say so myself) then, check it out. (See, this is me walking my talk and asking for the sale!)

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!