3 Steps to Putting the Systems, Processes and Marketing in Place to Grow Your Speaking Business

By Jane Atkinson

I see it all the time. A successful speaker who is busy, busy, busy. They are busy because they are great on the stage and have a valuable message to deliver.

But when it comes to the business of speaking, they are successful almost in spite of themselves.  Sometimes they can only take the business so far because they don’t have the systems, processes, and marketing in place to make their speaking business grow.

Systems, Processes, and Marketing for a Solid Speaking Business Foundation

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You’ve heard it before: speaking is a business, it’s not a hobby. So what do you need to have in place to ensure success and growth? Let’s take a look at three key elements: systems, processes, and marketing.


When you get into your office in the morning, do you know which clients are due for a phone call?  Can your database tell you what month the decision maker is starting to plan or what speakers they had last year? A proper database will help you do that. Moreover, if you can keep track of what correspondence your clients have opened and how engaged they are with your communications, even better.

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Check out Infusionsoft and Karma CRM out on our Wealthy Speaker Business Boutique page. They are both great tools to help you manage your business.

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Anything you do more than once should be moved into a process. My team leader (Carolyn Crummey of VirTasktic) is the Queen of Process.  She’s taught me so much, but I still have so far to go.

When an inquiry comes into your business, do you have a template that you can customize to respond easily? If it’s a team member, are they using a template? Every email that I do more than once has a template created. For me, using, I simply draft up a “canned response” and drop it in when responding to a situation. I have a blog template, a new inquiry template, a template with a link to my schedule, etc., etc.

And when it comes to speaking engagements, apps like TripIt and eSpeakers can keep everything you need all in one place.  For project management, we use Asana and have processes in place for ensuring that everything gets completed on time.


We talk a lot about marketing on this blog, but what I want to reinforce today is the idea of doing your marketing on a regular basis and being very focused on your approach.  Focus on your buyers with messages that allow them to very clearly understand what specific problem you can help them solve.

setting up marketing to grow your speaking business

If you can boil down your focus to one word, even better!

Lots of people do it:

Colleen Francis, Sales.

Kindra Hall, Storytelling.

Eric Papp, Productivity.

Scott Stratten, Marketing.

Libby Gill, Hope.

Angela & Dennis Buttimer, Mindfulness.

When you deliver a consistent marketing message and have systems and processes in place, you’ll be well on your way to building a business foundation that will support you even when you are busy, busy, busy!

Need help getting your business foundation in place and solidified so it supports your growth?  If you are an intermediate or seasoned speaker, check out our Inner Circle Mastermind 12-month program that will help you scale your business by putting the right foundation in place.