Do You Suffer From FOMO?

By Jane Atkinson

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out We’ve all felt it at one point in time – FOMO. There was that conference that you weren’t able to get to, that all of your speaker buddies were attending. There is this new technology that you just don’t seem to have time to figure out. But I’d like to beg the question, do you really need to? Do you need to hop on every single technology or new idea […]

Peeking Behind the Curtain: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Speaking

By Jane Atkinson

We look at other people’s social media feeds and we think, “Wow, they’ve really got it going on”. But do they? Maybe there are chinks in their armour. Lately, I’ve been conscious of not just providing the good but sharing the bad and the ugly, too. Because no speaker’s life or business is without hiccups. I’m going to record a podcast that I’d like you to be a part of. Would you share something that didn’t […]

Being Fearless with Your Fees

By Jane Atkinson

George called me in a panic. “Jane, there’s a local engagement two weeks from now with a Fortune 100 company, and they have asked for my fee. What should I quote them?”   In my mind, I’m thinking, “quote your fee” but in George’s mind is:   It’s only two weeks out. They are expecting a discount. It’s local, so I should give a discount. Because it’s last minute, they probably don’t have a budget. What if […]

Shopping for Business in Your Own Backyard

By Carolyn Crummey

How do I get more bookings? That’s often the first question someone might ask me, and it is a valid question. We all want more business. One of the areas that I often see people overlook when trying to find more business is their existing client pool. We are so busy trying to find new clients, that we often neglect the ones that we already have.   Are You Ignoring Business In Your Backyard? My client […]