Designing Your Dream Business with Peter van Stralen

By tscholes

A large part of The Wealthy Speaker philosophy is to build the business and lifestyle of your dreams.  On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, we are talking to a speaker who has taken that mantra to the next level and beyond!  Peter van Stralen is joining us to share his journey from a teenager with a lawn mower to living the dream everyday with his family! Peter van Stralen energizes and inspires audiences […]

Using Your Selling Systems to Convert Sales

By Jane Atkinson

Many moons ago when I was working as an agent for speakers, I developed my own customized system for selling. From the moment I connected with a prospective client, I documented the process and often, after a number of communications via phone, email, and mail, I would convert the prospect into a buyer. What are you doing to ensure that your prospects are moving from connection to sale? Here are a few tips to help […]

The Vibration of Selling vs. Serving

By Jane Atkinson

Recently I interviewed Joel Boggess, a well-known author, speaker and podcaster. Joel shared with me how his podcast grew and grew and ultimately translated into his speaking business. One of the things that Joel said was that he did everything in his business from a place of service. Cool, right? And apparently, it is effective! It forced me to think about the effects of selling vs. serving in a speaking business. I am constantly thinking […]

3 Career Killers to Avoid in 2017

By Jane Atkinson

I am excited for 2017 because there are so many opportunities on the horizon. But how do you avoid falling into some of the traps of our industry? As an example, trap #1 is thinking about this as a “career” versus a “business.” This is a mental shift for many who think of what they do as a fun way to get out there and share their message. However, underneath it all is a business […]

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Solve Pain Points in Your Business

By Jane Atkinson

Many of us often think about our client and audience pain points, but don’t set aside much time to work on and solve our own business problems. We get busy handling inquiries, developing speeches, writing, talking to clients – it is hard to make time for this. Guess what? Without setting time aside to work on your business, it will be harder to reach your goals. I have a number of clients who want to […]