Has Technology Got Us All Scrooged Up?

By Jane Atkinson

Has Technology Got Us All Scrooged Up?There’s a new show on Oprah’s network called “Kidnapped by the Kids”.

The show selects parents who are so engrossed in their work that their kids have to kidnap them to get their attention. Wow, how would you like to have that wake up call?

Even though I don’t have kids at home (I’m a proud step Mom and G-ma), I tried a little experiment this year where from December 15th to January 3rd, I did not check my work e-mail or any social media.

I spent some of my free time working at the 10,000 foot level of my business. i.e.: Working “on” my business (big picture), rather than “in” my business.

And I spent some of the time writing. (Stay tuned on the new book details). I also took a good, healthy break.

You would be surprised at how few issues came up in nearly 3 weeks. (I know speakers have to be responsive to clients, so I’m not recommending this for everyone).

The technology pendulum has swung all the way in one direction towards our being “connected” to everything and everyone.

I believe that people are going to start questioning how much of their day gets eaten up with time-consuming (but not urgent) tasks.

I suspect the pendulum will swing all the way back to “no connection” and then will settle somewhere in the middle.

Here’s your 2011 Technology Check-in:

1. What’s the optimum amount of time for you to spend on e-mail each day? What needs to change to accommodate your goals?

2. Same question for social media?

3. What other time wasters need to be removed or scaled back on your daily to do list?

If you’d like to share your list or predictions for the future, please post a comment below….

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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