The Gift that Keeps on Giving

By Jane Atkinson

This holiday season, why not treat yourself or a friend to something that can be utilized over and over again?

My books, The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 and its follow-up book, The Epic Keynote, are gifts that keep giving.

Every week clients who are trying to effectively manage and grow their speaking businesses come to me with questions like:

How can I hire someone to help sell me? (Page 237)
What can I do to get in front of more buyers? (Page 135)
What should I include on my new website? (Page 102)
How can I “ask for the sale” more from the platform? (Page 171)
What should I look for in systems and a database? (Page 169)

“Thanks for all of your wisdom – your foundation provided the ability for me to do many transformational business initiatives.”

– Dr. Christine Grant

And those who are trying to polish their platform skills want to know:

What elements go into a speech deemed “epic”? (Page 13)
How do I map out my content and formula? (Page 52)
What is the best way for me to add humor? (Page 98)
What do some of the “greats” do to prepare? (Page 143)
How do I develop content that rocks my audience? (Page 88)

“I read your book The Epic Keynote today, and it is TOTALLY BRILLIANT! Yes, I am shouting from my little stilettos! You have created such a valuable must read for every speaker – thank you for sharing your brilliance.”

– Neen James, Author of Be AH-MazingTM

The reason I can so easily boast about the power of these two remarkable books is that my friends and colleagues were very instrumental in providing the input that helped to create them. In The Wealthy Speaker 2.0, we use Flashpoint stories to illustrate moments in time when a speakers career kicks up a notch. Many of those stories are from people in our industry that you know or have heard about. In The Epic Keynote, so many tips, stories, and ideas for rocking the platform are shared by superstars of the stage.

gift-bundle-softcover-booksIt is my goal and desire to ensure that anyone who is seeking to move their speaking business to the next level has these books in their resource arsenal! That’s why I am offering a special  seasonal gift pack that includes both books for the low price of just $35.00.


The biggest complaint that I receive about The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 is “I wish someone would have given this to me sooner!” Grab your gift bundle today and help someone special in your life (or yourself) take the next significant step to having an incredible speaking business.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson