Three Tips For Tackling Your Gremlins

By Jane Atkinson

How does one step up to become a professional Wealthy Speaker?

It takes courage to move into this business from any other profession. There is a huge learning curve, not a lot of security, and you must have a higher than average level of confidence. But are you going to let fear get in your way?

Decisions based on fear are usually wrong. Think about the kind of person you will need to become to fully step into life as a professional speaker.

• You will need to be a courageous leader. If you know that you have a strong, original message for the world and that you are a great speaker, then step up.

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• Do not play small.

What are some tips for facing into your fears to find the courage to step up?

1. In coaching my clients, I take them through an exercise called ” A Day in Your Life Five Years from Now” as this exercise helps to gain some clarity around what they want in the future. Remember for today, as a speaker and as a leader, you must step boldly into your greatness.

2. Start a file or an e-mail folder labeled “Genius.” Place copies of your best client testimonials and positive feedback you have received in the file. You might even write a letter to yourself with some positive reinforcements. Then, on the tough days, when you wonder what the heck you are doing in this career, pull out your Genius file and go through it. It will remind you why you started this journey in the first place.

3. Build a circle of trusted advisors who you can connect with on a regular basis. Suggestions are to include coaches, mentors, and folks who are at where you want to be. Surrounding yourself with “yes-men” might make you feel good, but it’s not helpful.

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What have you found most helpful in finding courage to move forward? What have you found most helpful in finding courage to move forward? Please post your comments below!

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